When purchasing a home, a condominium, a co-op, office building or an institutional property, you are making a major investment. To protect your investment, you need a professional and thorough inspection.

A thorough inspection is a full visual review of the structural, mechanical and environmental conditions of a property.

The purpose of an inspection is to give the buyer the knowledge of current conditions along with guidelines for the operation and maintenance of the property.

The Engineer/Architect from CARNELL will evaluate the workings of mechanical components such as the heating/air conditioning, electrical and plumbing systems as well as the appliances.

During the inspection, the Engineer/Architect will keep a record of findings, advise his client of such findings and answer questions and concerns his client may have.

Within 24 hours, a comprehensive and detailed report is E-mailed and a hard copy is mailed to the client and to the client's attorney if requested.
  • All reports contain a certified termite inspection.
  • Engineers/Architects are available to consult with attorneys and are always available to their clients for as long as they own the property.
  • A pre-closing checklist along with helpful home maintenance information is provided at the time of inspection.
YOU, our client is what it's all about. YOUR ENGINEER/ARCHITECT is the home inspection professional you can depend on!

CARNELL's clients are encouraged to join their Engineer/Architect during the inspection. Our goal is to provide our clients with a clear understanding of the conditions of the property, identifying problems, giving experienced advise, explaining each home's unique operation and generally providing the technical information needed to make a fully informed decision.

You the buyer should be present during the inspection to:
  • Meet your Engineer/Architect. Bring your questions and concerns to your Engineer/Architect.
  • Learn first hand about the operation of your property. All properties have different systems, shut-off valves, controls and maintenance needs.
  • Realize a better understanding of the written report and develop a working relationship with your Engineer/Architect.

Roof, including Flashings
Chimney, Gutters, Leaders
Windows, Doors and Glass
Surface Drainage on the Property
Grading around Foundation
Caulking and Weather-stripping
Porch, Deck and Patio
Siding and Trim
Swimming Pools
Retaining Walls
Steps and Walks
Garages - Paving
Tennis Courts

Ceilings and Walls
Floors, Windows, Doors

Structural Members
Water Penetration

Foundation Walls and Floors
Structural Members
Doors, Windows

ELECTRICAL Service Entrance and Ground
Safety, Wiring, Size of Service

PLUMBING    Materials of Construction,
Bath and Kitchen Fixtures,
Waste Piping Water Supply,
Domestic Hot Water,
Water Pressure,
Well Equipment

Energy Source
Ductwork and Piping
Efficiency Recommendations

All inspections include a

On Site Sanitary Waste Systems, include a

* FHA/VA Forms available upon request

Lead Paint
Water Analysis
Indoor Air Quality
Air Monitoring
Environmental Assessments