CARNELL's engineering inspection expertise includes all types of commercial building inspections, including, but not necessarily limited to: low, medium and high rise office buildings, apartment buildings, industrial buildings, multi-family buildings, institutional buildings (churches, schools), garages, stores and malls. CARNELL also has expertise in capital reserve studies and rental property (prior to lease signing) inspections.

Budgets (cost of repairs) and projected maintenance/remedial work estimates can be included in CARNELL's commercial inspection reports. Photographs are included in most CARNELL reports.

CARNELL's engineers/architect and environmental technicians have the expertise to assure the buyer, occupant owner or renter, a complete assessment of the condition of the property.

Additional items specific to commercial buildings are reported in the engineering inspection report and include the inspection scope items, so indicated in other sections of CARNELL's web site. CARNELL has completed over 8,000 commercial inspections and consultations.

In order to protect the quality of your project, CARNELL will review plans and can oversee work to insure that the plans and specifications are being followed correctly.

Bank/Financial Institution Funding Draws
CARNELL has been consulting and working with major financial institutions in the tri-state area, preparing cost budget estimates for total costs of any type of commercial, as well as residential projects.

As part of the total budget cost analysis, CARNELL visits the project site on a prescribed basis to approve completion of work and submit item cost approval reports. Faxes, e-mail and original reports are submitted to all interested parties as directed by the financial institution.

Site inspections are usually conducted within two business days after requests and reports are submitted within 24 to 48 hours after site inspections are completed.

CARNELL will be happy to submit a sample package (i.e., report, budgets) and references, as requested.

CARNELL's Phase I Assessments provide disclosure of past and present site conditions. CARNELL's clients are guided in determining environmental hazards, financial and health risks, potential liability and conformity with applicable regulations of law. CARNELL follows the protocol established by ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) as the authoritative guide.

Phase I
CARNELL's Phase I Assessment includes:
  • Review of state and federal environmental regulatory records
  • Review of local building, planning, fire and health department records
  • On site inspection and investigation
  • Aerial and Sanborn Map Review
  • Site plan and/or Survey Review
  • Chain of Title search
  • Interviews with key individuals

Phase II
CARNELL's Phase II Assessment defines the magnitude and significance of potential hazardous material identified in the Phase I Assessment. CARNELL's staff can perform the following field testing:
  • Soil & Ground Water Testing
  • Air Quality Testing & Monitoring
  • Underground Storage Tank Testing
  • Asbestos, Radon, PCB's, VOC's etc.
  • Lead-Based Paint Survey

Phase III
CARNELL's Phase III Assessment is the development and execution of a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) to clean up the contaminated site. CARNELL will design the Corrective Action Plan and monitoring the clean-up procedures to insure strict adherence to Federal, State and Local Regulations.

Legalizing existing conditions and obtaining Permits and Certificate of Occupancy as required by local building department. Submittal of required plans and specifications sealed by a professional engineer and/or registered architect.
Verification of Certificate of Occupancies and Permits as to existing conditions.

Search for Open Violations not permitted or completed prior to purchasing or selling of properties, as required by local municipalities and building departments.