Your home is probably the largest investment you have or will make.

CARNELL, with years of experience and thousands of inspections knows about houses.

Think about Your CARNELL Engineer/Architect as you would your Doctor, your Lawyer or your Accountant.

Your CARNELL Engineer/Architect is dedicated to protecting your investment just as you protect your health and general legal and financial well being.

Home buyers, sellers or owners who need to know about a home should rely on the expertise, professionalism and concern of CARNELL Engineers/Architects.

A CARNELL inspection by an engineer or an architect with an average of 20 years in the inspection field provides you with a clear understanding of the structural, mechanical and environmental components of a property.

It will give you knowledge of the operating systems, maintenance tips and energy efficiencies.

Clients are assured by the "hands on" approach that they are receiving reliable and helpful advice. All of CARNELL's pre-purchase clients continue to remain confident in their decision to purchase because their engineer/architect remains available to them for consultation even after the closing of sale.

Before listing a home for sale, a CARNELL Engineer/Architect will inspect, review and report on structural, mechanical and environmental conditions. A comprehensive written report will provide the home seller with the opportunity to correct deficiencies and make changes before listing the home for sale.

A CARNELL Engineer/Architect will assist realtors to complete listing sheets and remain on call with seller until completion of sale.

Just as people require periodic examinations to maintain good health, pick up any condition which would require immediate attention and receive professional advice, a home requires an inspection periodically.

An inspection by a CARNELL Engineer/Architect can identify conditions early, which require immediate care and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Maintenance surveys, energy efficiencies and general good sound advice gives the home owner peace of mind and can save money and worry in the future.

As a home owner, if you decide to lease your home, a home inspection should be considered as part of a lease agreement.

CARNELL inspectors are certified to perform property energy inspections.

A certified energy inspector examines and measures the property to find opportunities for saving energy. Energy bill savings can average about 25%. An energy tune-up can also increase the comfort of your home by reducing drafts and increasing temperature control efficiencies.

After the inspection, specialized software provides an analysis of the property and shows potential savings and costs of energy efficiency improvements. A list of the most cost effective ways to save energy is provided. This will help a property owner decide which improvements to make first.

A Property Energy Tune-Up report provides:
  • An inventory of all energy using systems and appliances, including condition and replacement dates.
  • Cost effective recommended upgrades.
  • Estimated cost of installation for each recommendation.
  • Identifying the group of recommendations whose energy savings exceed the cost when financed.
  • Financing options.
  • An explanation of each recommendation.
  • A discussion of low-cost or no cost improvements.
  • Resources to help find contractors and suppliers for implementation.
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